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A little flashback to spring 2019

Going through my older videos, I found this one. This short video shows one of our cooperative training sessions focused on calm emotions, eyes, ears, and mouth handling at liberty.

Preparing for cooperative eye care

The horse learns to participate voluntarily (without force and without any kind of restraint) in his eye care.

Despooking a horse using desensitization & counter-contidioning

The purpose of this video is to show how the learning process goes on when we let the horse learn and get used to scary objects at his own pace without using aversives and without preventing him from his normal response.

Consent signal training

Consent signal, consent behaviour or pressing the START button - these are all names for a simple behaviour that can make veterinary procedures a lot easier.
This is the needle shy mare I've started working with recently. She has made really great progress in 3 sessions!

Retraining an injection shy mare

This mare has had a problem with injections for several years. I trained her with positive reinforcement to cooperate voluntarily during injection.

Getting ready for injections
with positive reinforcement

I'm  training my horse (who has no problems with vets) to cooperate voluntarily during injecitons.